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The following four works on paper portray through the mechanism of a list,
the recorded names of a decade of murdered gay victims from hate crime.

Gay Hate Crime Murdered Victims 1999 - 2009
(list provided by Galop 2009)

April 1999
Chris Bevan, John Light, Andrew Dykes, Nik Moore,

Febuary 2000
Christine Chappel

June 2000
Jaap Bornkamp

May 2001
David Padget

June 2002
Geoffrey Windsor

July 2002
Andreas Hinz

November 2004
David Morley

August 2005
Newton Thompson, Simon Pearce

October 2005
Jody Dubrowski, Alexandre Marques

December 2005
Hallam Tennyson

September 2007
Tony Hoare, Gareth McDonald

November 2007
Kellie Telesford

March 2008
Jeff Akers

May 2008
Ronald Dixon

November 2008
David Cooper, Dilip Unadkat

August 2008
Michael Causer, Oliver Hemsley

March 2009
Gerry Edwards

May 2009
Daryl Philips

October 2009
Ian Baynham, James Parks, Andrea Waddell


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