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On September 25 2009 at about 10 PM Ian Baynham was attacked in Trafalgar Square in a horrific homophobic attack by three teenagers who had been drinking heavily and were out looking for trouble. The teenagers hurled homophobic abuse at Ian and the friend he was out spending the evening with. As Ian remonstrated he was hit in the head, he fell to the ground and was knocked unconscious. The teenagers then stamped on his chest and head, before leaving the scene of the crime while he lay fitting on the ground. 18 days later Ian died from his injuries, an innocent victim of homophobic abuse.
At the time of this attack, Ian’s subsequent death and the trial of the three teenagers, Jenny Baynham, Ian’s sister was living in Lucy’s house. It was a dark time, when they were left facing a really awful situation that was done and couldn’t be reversed. The one thing that could be done that was positive was to try to stop it happening again. It is a horrible and frightening fact that gay hate crime is growing, threatening and overshadowing the lives of gay people. Lucy’s response as an artist, in collaboration with Jenny, was to create a series of paintings and works on paper that were born out of this very personal experience. They show the effect of a mindless act of violence and the hidden tragedy of the family and friends who are left behind.

wrong place wrong time
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