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For the first time, astrology and culinary insights are combined in a fully-fledged cookbook. Lucy Ash invites you to find out from your astrological sign what kind of cook you really are (messy? orderly? intuitive? meticulous? extravagant? frugal?) - and from your friends' signs, what kind of guests they'll make, how to match them, and what to feed them (are they artichoke soufflé types? pork-pot-with-pepperoni palates?).

It's all in the stars. And after discussing each sign of the zodiac - its ruling planet, element, characteristics, dominant flavours and colour, herbs, fauna, and cell salt - Lucy Ash provides delectable recipes and menus, imaginatively designed to delight those born under that sign.

For example.....

Taureans (James Beard was one) like simple, earthy foods. Taureans make courteous guests - they're not picky eaters. But with their harmonious connection to the earth, they'll especially love Lucy Ash's creamy Curried Parsnip soup, her Moussaka, or her Spring Stew. Her Chocolate Charlotte will appeal to the soft, sensual side of the bull's nature.

Geminis have a more intellectual response to food. They like dishes that are fun and novel-and that can be easily rustled up in minutes. Lucy Ash would create an Asparagus Soufflé for this talkative and airy sign, and they'd love the slender curves of her Coffee-Hazelnut Charlotte for dessert.

Leos (Julia Child and Napoleon) are creative cooks, given to impressive, extravagant dishes with sweetly pungent flavours. Serve them Lucy Ash's Gingered Chicken with Apricots (a golden bird, the colour of Leo) and a choux Pastry Ring - soft and round, echoing the shape of the sun - with a Chocolate Sauce fit for kings.

Beginning with Aries, March 21 - the start of the astrological year - and ending with Pisces, Lucy Ash takes you through all twelve signs of the zodiac, with 240 glorious recipes for every course, astrological taste, and cooking temperament, in this superb, one-of-a-kind cook-book.





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